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Bosco Segreto

installation piazza di siena casino di raffaello.png




For the eighty-eighth edition of the Official International Horse Racing Competition of Rome Piazza di Siena Ex Elettrofonica and Secondome propose a project entitled A secret forest which enhances the Casina di Raffaello and the Casina dell'Orologio, venues chosen for Casa Italia Collection - FISE.


“A secret forest” is inspired by the history of Raphael's house and the Casino dell'Orologio, built at the behest of Cardinal Scipione Borghese in the early 1600s, which were initially located in the middle of a mulberry grove, a grove that was gutted when the nearby Piazza di Siena. The idea is to restore the memory of the forest that then surrounded them inside the two buildings overlooking the square.


The works in the exhibition by Guendalina Salini, a Roman artist famous for her ability to interpret places, always trying to recover their original essence. In this case Salini proposes a series of works in frames and installations in which reused cardboard hosts portions of colorful trees, ennobling the material used and introducing the guest into a true enchanted forest.

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