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Corale Corviale

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CORALE CORVIALE is a sound walk that weaves the voices of some inhabitants of so called Serpentone-meaning big snake, the  a residential complex located in the Corviale area, on the south-western outskirts of Rome. Having become a symbol of the failure of the capital's housing and social inclusion policies, life continues to flow in its cyclical nature in the almost one kilometer long concrete snake. Families grow, the surrounding nature resists, thriving, with its inhabitants.

CORALE is a tribute to the beautiful and fragile things such as human, plant and animal lives that populate these places. CORALE is a celebration of the mother Goddess - the goddess of maturation, of growth - who was venerated here by the Romans with the name of Dia.

CORALE is the hope in looking inside, revealing the profound meaning of things and rebuilding that natural and essential bond that makes us part of a community called Earth.

The story of DIA, a sacred goddess venerated in these areas long before Corviale was built, came to us. Together with the workshop participants, we tried to evoke the origin of the myth of Dia, the roots of a distant past when time and the temple were circular and this single long concrete block had not yet been imagined, when DIA was celebrated as the female goddess of growth and regeneration.

Through this work we wanted to listen to another Corviale, evoking the regenerative power of the Goddess to produce the snake molt, we wanted to tell another story, not the stereotypical one of violence and abandonment, but another one, founding a myth, an echo- poietic -myth to reconnect us to the different forms of life and resistance that grow all around the building: the wild, the uncultivated, the plants and animals that populate these places and which can compose a new Marginal/Uncivilized/Fragile vocabulary /Resistant/Infestant/Wild/Migrant…

A vocabulary of the margin, written alongside drawings of animals and plants from Corviale, an Herbarium and a Bestiary to overturn meanings, celebrating bio and socio diversity and connecting us to the transformative forces standing outside the dominant narrative.

The animals and plants of Corviale thus return to being sacred and totemic animals and the weeds healing and power plants.

The face of the goddess who always escapes and renews herself and who presides over fertility, birth and death is evoked to inspire a new choral auto-poiesis.
We involved the women of the Differenza Donna an anti-violence center and the community of Roma children who come to play in the Piazzetta delle Arti with self-narration and drawings.
With the support of Magic Carpets/ Creative Europe/ Laboratorio di Città Corviale

To listen to the sound walk, the musical compositions and see the videos go to link:


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