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Io sono un filo d'erba che trema

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I am a blade of grass that trembles: residence and participatory laboratory, Taranto


Undecided Landscape: works at the Paisiello conservatory, Taranto


Green Heart Exhibition at the Knos Manifatture, Lecce


For the first edition of the Green Heart award




I am a blade of grass that trembles is a project divided into two moments: the first workshop where the citizens of Taranto were invited to write and draw words, hopes, feelings and symbols on the earth with ancient wheat seeds inspired by the poetry of Rocco Scotellaro- poet and activist- from which the verse that gives the title to the work was taken: "My beautiful homeland", to make them germinate and grow and compose a participatory work of art in which words and drawings come to life.




In a second time, the work Paesaggio Indeciso was created inside the courtyard of the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “G.Paisiello” the music conservatory in the old city. The design that was conceived for the installation is inspired by an ancient geometric mosaic motif, present at the Marta, Archaeological Museum of Taranto, and evokes the resilience of nature in the city, which insinuates itself into every crack, fills the empty spaces, climbs, creating a carpet, a symbol of welcome, conviviality, meeting. To reproduce this concept, the slate was cut creating the effect of stone slabs between whose cracks plants grow and positioned with different differences in level of the ground to reinforce the idea of ​​a nature that also breaks the rock. The plants used for the work are wild thyme and glaucous fescue, typical Murgia plants that grow among the rocks.


The work inaugurates a program of artist residencies taking place in Taranto as part of the Green Routes project. The objective is to disseminate, throughout the entire project, artistic interventions that arise from the relationship with the communities and which contribute to creating works of art with which to interact on a daily basis, to leave a tangible sign in the urban landscape made up of dialogues with nature favored by artists.



Supported by


Foundation with the South, Green Routes, Puglia Region, Eccom, 34 zone, The anthill, Manifatture Knos




With the collaboration of Isolab-Galleguiante Photographic Laboratory, Taranto

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