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Tappeto Magico

guendalina salini tappeto di sale.jpg

Magic Carpet 2015


Performance: salt carpet, rock salt crystals, narrations of migrations and reading of stories by the Haitian writer Felix Morisseau Leroy.

With the participation of Mamadoux Dai, cultural mediator of MEDU, Doctors for Human Rights active in the protection of the rights of agricultural workers in southern Italy and the support of Bocs Art and the Municipality of Cosenza

As part of the Bocs Art artistic residency in Cosenza, a salt carpet is created in the old city of Cosenza in an abandoned house.

The symbol of the magic carpet derives from fairy tales and corresponds to the ability to bring distant places closer in culture and geography, it is a symbol of welcome, meeting, conviviality, it is the home of those who have no home: the nomadic peoples spread it on the ground when they stop and it serves them as a bag, table, bed, place of prayer.

The work is created with salt, an element with magical and alchemical power, whose etymology refers to wages, to wisdom and composes an ephemeral design that brings us back to the sea, to travel, but also to its ability to conserve and therefore to the of memory. Weaving the carpet with salt is therefore a symbolic act to weave together personal and collective stories, ancient and current tales that can create closeness.

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