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Segreto Manifesto

G.Salini la natura delle cose6.jpg


2011, Curated by Stella Santacatterina,

at Ex Elettrofonica gallery, Roma, Critical text by Chiara Bertini and conversation with Stella Santacatterina, catalog published by CURA.


Starting from Heraclitus' fragment that nature (of things) loves to hide itself, the artist sets out to create a series of installations that involve the viewer in a mental and physical labyrinth. Mirrors, painted shadows, camouflage, maps, natural elements, videos, images belonging to the history of art, compose a dynamic and circular imagery, in which different meanings open to ever-new interpretations and converge. Secret Manifesto is an oxymoron that calls into question the very nature of art, its ability to reveal and hide the visible by referring to the concept of aletheia. The work therefore becomes the bearer of man's always ambivalent relationship with the things of the world and nature, stimulating a continuous dialogue between what is manifest and what is hidden, between light and shadow, between visible and invisible. This exhibition places emphasis on one of the fundamental issues of the contemporary aesthetic debate: today it is no longer a question of making the invisible visible, but of restoring to images their complex depths, their sacred enigma.

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