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In Versi

guendalina salini in versi.png

In Verses



Double solo show by Guendalina Salini and Antonello Viola

At the Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea gallery, in collaboration with Ex Elettrofonica


In verse, it is a play on words that describes the correspondences between the work of Antonello Viola and that of Guendalina Salini; a relationship between different but somehow complementary languages, one pictorial, rigorous, hieratic, the other sculptural, fragmented, delicate, which meet around similar thematic points and form poetic phrases, agreements, suspensions, understandings.

The themes are those of the fragility of the visible and secret affinities, the works always allude to an invisible that has the delicacy of an apparition that could escape at any moment, yet remain suspended in a state of grace, of hesitation.

The exhibition stages a series of notes: open works that create a dialogue between surfaces with different degrees of transparency, glass, tulle, paper and organza, materials dear to the artists, who use colors from a palette of tones ranging from precious gold and blue ultramarine to oxide green to copper, from opalescent greens to the mossy greens of the densest and darkest nature, weave a thin thread in the name of circularity and counterpoint, alchemy and transformation.

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