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The End of Geography

guendalina salini geoempathy5.jpg

THE END OF GEOGRAPHY/ Italian Geographical Society, Villa Celimontana, Rome, 2015


An exhibition that includes a series of works that reflect on the sense of closeness and belonging and draw an emotional and personal geography.

GEOEMPATHY: installation of wool blankets recovered and received as gifts, imprinted with colored world maps made with pigments

ORIENTATION: fishing net, lead, iron star, rust, found votive image

THE END OF GEOGRAPHY: photos printed on transparent fabric mounted on wooden frames, alienating places inhabited by the artist holding an empty map in his hand

THE PERSONAL CITY: Video shot in Monteruga in 2014 featuring the artist and his daughter Anita who live and play in the now depopulated agricultural village of Monteruga in Puglia.

10' Loop projected into a fireplace

ONCE UPON A TIME WHEN LOOKING TOWARDS FAR SEAS THEY SAID GOD: performance, children write a phrase from Nietzsche's Zarathustra with luminous letters, an ephemeral installation that lights up and disappears over the course of a night


with critical texts by Raffaele Gavarro and Franco Arminio

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